Fall/Winter 2023

Previous technological disruptions in public health offer insights into AI’s perils and potential.

How public health is harnessing the power of AI, now.

Persistent pain’s “fingerprints” could alert doctors to patients at risk and inform treatment strategies.

Uncovering environmental contributors to autism may also suggest ways to help autistic people live healthier lives.

Psychological autopsies of young people who died by firearm suicide may help to identify risk factors and inform prevention.

Transgender people live in an often-hostile world. Can community, research, and resilience reduce the threats to their health?

Promising solutions to our environmental crises are already making a difference. Now is the time to accelerate them.

CCP’s new leader Debora Freitas López on the power of data, relationships, and communities to inspire healthy behaviors

Indigenous peoples are overcoming centuries of colonization by reclaiming the health of children and families.

I buried my dreams when I left Afghanistan. One day I’ll return to them.

2023-11 Artilce

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